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Is your service fully inclusive of LGBT (young) people? Our training courses can increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of your staff and volunteer team. We run sessions for up to 20 participants, at your premises. Pick from set courses or speak to us directly about bespoke training.  

LGBT Domestic Abuse: Exploring the dynamics and impacts of LGBT domestic abuseBespoke LGBT Domestic Abuse Training

This training course explores the unique aspects and support implications for LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse. It will include practical ways in which to make your service more inclusive and accessible for LGBT people and to support LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse. This course will also introduce the legislative framework in relation to transgender people's rights to support services and provide examples on how organisations can embed the values of equality and diversity into their policies and programmes. You should have some prior knowledge of domestic abuse before enrolling in this session.

Who should attend?

Service providers working in the area of domestic abuse or gender based violence.
Individuals with an understanding of the dynamics of domestic abuse and an understanding of LGBT people’s experiences. Decision and policy makers.

By the end of the session, delegates will have:

  • Explored homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, heterosexism, and LGBT people's experiences of gender based violence.
  • An understanding of the dynamics and impacts of LGBT people's experience of domestic abuse and understanding of the barriers that LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse may face in relation to accessing help and support.
  • Had an introduction to guidance around access to services for trans women.
  • Explored best practice on better including LGBT people in your service.

To discuss training please call our Domestic Abuse Development Worker on 0141 552 7425.

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